8 Advantages of Bus Booking Apps

We all know how our hectic schedules have limited us from doing various things. We are so busy in our lives that sometimes it becomes difficult to take out time even for our family. Booking Apps help us in such situations and we are so dependent that it is difficult to imagine a smooth life without such apps. In the travel industry, many such apps have come up like the Bus Booking Apps which have helped us in booking buses. Let's discuss the time before bus booking apps or even web booking came into the picture. Just imagine a middle-class guy has a relative who needs immediate attention in some distant town. No trains are available and flights are still only for rich people. The best option the guy is left with is of travelling by a bus. But, he is not sure about the price and doesn't have time to leave his office and go to a bus counter which is far away. In this case the guy is left with only one option of booking with the help of a travel agent. This travel agent might encash his emergency by asking a huge commission. Now, if the same situation happens today, then it would be a completely different scenario. He would just have to switch on his phone (without even moving from his desk) and search for the buses on any bus booking app like Morning Star Travels. Then he can easily compare the buses according to his requirements. The requirements can include, type of bus, timing of the bus and the rates. Once it is done he can book the tickets. All this just takes a mere 5 mins compared to counter booking where it would take at least 1 hour excluding the transport time. Isn't it a hassle-free solution to all the above issues. Read further to know some other advantages of ticket booking apps:

Multiple Options

These apps are of great use as they help us choose from various options of buses. We can easily filter out the available buses according to our requirements. To start with, they let us choose between AC and Non-AC Buses while giving us an option to select buses according to the seating style like, sleeper, semi-sleeper and seater. We can also sort the buses according to the price that suits our budget.


Apart from giving all the options these apps are created in a user-friendly manner. The booking procedure is simplified to such an extent that it takes just a few minutes to book a ticket through such apps. The best thing is that they can be used by everyone easily without any issues.


In today's busy life, going to a bus counter for tickets sounds difficult as we do not have that extra 1 hour to be dedicated towards ticket booking. Those who have time are really frustrated by the huge lines for bus tickets. This drawback has avoided people from travelling in buses for a long period. With the launch of bus ticket booking apps there has been a huge increase in bus bookings as it is easy to book tickets. Now, with apps we need not stand in long queues for a simple bus ticket.

Transparency in Rates

The transparency in rates is one of the best features in such apps. The rates are the same for all and there are no fooling agents in between to jack up the rates. This saves us some extra money without compromising on comfort. Whereas, previously it was a common scenario where you would have paid 800 per ticket while the person sitting next to you must have paid 1000 or even 700 for the same seat.

Get Discounts

This is another good feature of booking apps like Morning Star Travels that you get great discounts on tickets booked through the app. This saves you a good amount of money when compared to offline tickets bought from agents. The offers are pretty attractive and a majority of people book tickets at very cheap rates. If you are looking for bus bookings you can definitely check Morning Star Travels app to get the best rates in the market.

Bus Reviews

It is a normal human practice to expect comfort when you pay for any service. This goes with buses too. Through the app we can see the images of the buses and also we can check the reviews given by various customers. This helps us in being assured about the journey which further creates a sense of security among us. It also clears out what level of service we should expect from the bus operator. Let us consider the scenario before online bus bookings even started. The process for bookings was very tedious and time-taking back then. You would have to go to the bus counter, where you could see the bus (or same type of bus) in which you are going to travel. We would not know how the journey will be and we would not be exploring other options due to the scarcity of time. This avoided us from exploring other options before booking our seats. These issues were solved to a huge extent by booking apps, as we have the reviews as well as the photos of all the bus operators beforehand.

Live Tracking

This is one of the best features of booking apps like Morning Star Travels also called bus tracking apps. It has nullified the waiting time for buses. Passengers like us can easily track the location of the bus and can reach the bus stand accordingly. If the bus is delayed, then we need not reach the bus stand and wait on the road. We can leave a little late to catch the bus on-time. All these salient features have been perfectly integrated in the Morning Star Travels Bus Booking App. You can easily download the app from Google Play Store for android or from App Store for IOS. Do the bookings now to enjoy bus booking offers on your tickets.

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