5 Reasons Why People Prefer Volvo Bus Booking

Volvo, a brand in the automobile industry has successfully maintained its stature in the bus segment. The buses made by Volvo are known to be one of the most luxurious buses in the world with all the contemporary amenities. Their sole motto is to make buses with advanced features that enhance the comfort and safety of the passengers. In India, they are believed to have revolutionized the bus industry. They have changed the traditional way of bus making and have also changed the people's perspective towards bus travel. In these years they have also gained a reputation of being the best bus company. With the advent of online booking, people came to know more about these buses and started doing Volvo bus bookings to turn them into a ticket name. Let's see the reasons behind why people should choose Volvo buses over other buses: Comfortable Leg Space The first thing that comes to our mind when we book a bus seat is the leg space. If you have travelled in the ordinary buses then you would definitely understand how difficult it is to sit on a seat with less Leg Space. It becomes very tiring as you are unable to spread your legs. If a person having an above average height has to travel in an ordinary bus then it really becomes a nightmare for him, as they have to sit in an uncomfortable position for a longer period. On the other hand, Volvo buses ensure proper leg space for the comfort of their passengers. Almost "0" Jerks The Volvo buses are known to have successfully nullified the jerks. The bus segment known for this feature is the multi-axle buses. These buses are made using the best suspension technology which are used in some of the most renowned luxury cars worldwide. These multi-axle buses provide more contact points with the ground while driving which in-turn reduces the shock. The placement of the engine in the rear side of these buses creates a safe weight which reduces the sway effect while changing lanes. Volvo has also introduced I-Shift buses where they have included automatic transmission which further removes the jerk which occurs while the driver changes the gears. On the other side the traditional buses still use old technologies in their buses making them so rickety that the passengers tend to vomit. We should seriously thank Volvo for saving us from the embarrassment of puking in public. Integrated with the Latest Amenities Volvo has always looked after providing all the possible contemporary amenities while they are continuously looking out for new ones. A passenger travelling in a Volvo bus would be mesmerized to see the perfectly air-conditioned coaches reducing the outside noise. He can also enjoy other amenities like reclining seats, reading lamps, WiFi and mobile charging points. Ergonomic Seats If you have ever travelled in those rickety local city buses in India then it is for sure you know how painful those seats covered with rexine can be. As seats are one of the most important part of the journey, it gets arduous for the passengers. Sitting on such seats for a long time is painful and tiring. Volvo understood the situation and created comfortable ergonomic seats. The seats are good for your backbone as they help in maintaining a proper posture. The semi-sleeper seats also have an option to recline with a provision of leg supporters which help in relaxing your calf muscles. Safe Coaches Many of us have always been told that Volvo coaches are known for their safety. But, isn't it difficult for commoners like us to understand why it is so safe. If you too have had this query at some point of time then don't worry i'll help you out. Volvo has been enhancing their safety quotient since the first day. They have always proven their innovative side in bringing out new and reliable safety features. Some of its most salient features would include Forward Collision Warning, Collission Warning & Emergency Brake, Volvo Dynamic Steering among others. For a common passenger like me, it gives a warm feeling to know that so much is done behind the curtains just to ensure my safety and comfort. We at Morning Star Travels also share the same motto of providing comfortable and safe journey to our passengers and thus we have included a lot of these buses to our fleet on most of our major bus routes. You can easily book a cheap bus ticket for Volvo through our website or app.You can also find some bus offers which would further reduce your bus fare. What are you waiting for? Do your bus reservation now.

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